Monday, October 5, 2009

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Natural Relaxer: Real or Fake?

Recently I have noticed many products advertising to be 100% natural promising un-real results. People if it sounds to good to be true guess what, am sorry to tell you- it may just be!!!

Products promoting their product will wash your hair straight, remove the kinky natty and make your curls lay flat like soldiers. One product said it would can creme your hair to the relaxed state without any chemicals!!!

Researchers have proven in order for hair to become relaxed, texturized, flat we have to part take in the "creamy crack ritual". Don't waste money on these 200.00 dollar plus products, they are a waste of your money.

-I would say spend your time looking for an excellent hair care specialist (not stylist, there is a huge difference).

-Also if you want to wear curly with the flexibility to go straight.
I would suggest trying a texturizer. A texturizer relaxes the natural curl without pulling it bone straight like a relaxer. This is an awesome way to get comfortable with your curls in the curly periods. What I love is to go curly all you do is co-wash with a good leave-in-conditioner then follow-up with your seal and moisturize steps. The results are Amazing.

-If you want to go natural try some stretching out techniques- this is where you go without the chemical touch-up for as long as you can hold out 6-8 weeks (maybe longer). This gives your new growth or natural texture time to build thickness and regain it's puppy power.

Don't get stressed out pray and do your research. You can always check back on here or on my sista site for tips and update techniques...

Stay tuned- Happy mind, Healthy Hair!!!