Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Hair Goals~

So officially 2010 is here.. wow another year is here already...
For all of us who are on our Hair Journey's we have to begin to realistically figure out; what would we like to accomplish in 2010!
One important thing to keep in mind is to set goals that are realistic...

If you have neck length hair it would be stressful for you to want waist length hair by the end of the year!!!
However, you may add more protective styles, or up your co-washing, or even trim your ends more!!!
Whatever you decide still have fun with it.. and take your time..

Here are some of my 2010 Hair Goals:-
Continue with my Transitioning Process a.k.a stay Chem free/Creamy Crack free
By August/Septmeber 2010 I want my hair to be at the top of my Waist..
I also, want to cut back on the heat so I plan a Summer 2010 Heat Free Stretch~
I also want to try some braid out styles.. hmmm
I may add or take away by the middle of year.. but the basis here is I have a good start .. :D

So Ladies and Gents what are some of your Hair Goals for 2010?
Please share.. Oh and All the best Happy Healthy Hair Growing.. no matter your goals.~

Remember patience is a virtue.. so take time with your self..