Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let's Talk Hair Routine....

Hi All,

First I want to Thank you ALL, for all the Love and Support…. You guys are Awesome!!!
After reading many of your comments and questions.. I realized I needed to make some things clearer for everyone. I have what you can call or should I say several routines; 2 or maybe 3 it depends on how am wearing my hair…

I am what you might call a LMD- Low Manipulation Diva…

Low Manipulation: - means not messing with your hair too much!!! This means you try not to blow dry, flat iron, sit under the dryer at all basically you stay away from all un-natural heat ....This is the time you try to up your co-washes, pre-poos and co-poos and you let your hair Air dry!!!! I know and Yes; I said to Leave your HAIR ALONE!!!!

The less you mess with your hair or manipulate your hair the more you will experience less shedding, breakage and split ends. How long you want to use the low manipulation technique is really all up too you. This can be from 2 weeks to as long as 6 months. It really depends on your lifestyle and what your hair needs at the time. I would suggest getting into a LM at least once or twice a year to start off.
This is the time you can rock the buns, twist outs, braids, braid outs, bantu-knots, wigs, afros and the list goes on... It is all up to you, the longer you can do this technique the healthier your hair will be.

As you have seen in my 2 videos on Co-washing 101 part 1 and 2 here I am showing you how to Co-wash so you can add it to your Low Manipulation Routine.

Personally this is working wonders for me and my hair as I have not been to my Salon since August of 09. Seeing that I am transitioning away from the texturizer chemical it makes even more sense for me to do this right now. I did however keep my routine trim; which I did myself easy peasy nice and cheesy :-D.. No, really it wasn't that difficult!

My hair right now is on what I like to call HCC ( hair cruise control)… I have taken a hiatus from the Salon, the dryer, the flat iron and any forms of heat just to give my hair some much needed breathing time and space..

My curly hair – Low Manipulation Routine is as follows:-

- Shampoo & DC 2x/month
- Light Protein 2x/week
- Co-wash 5x/week
- Moisturize & seal 5x/week
- 1 a month clarify shampoo
- Apply Mixed oil potion ( I created) to scalp 5x/week
- Pony tail braid or loose wild bun daily
- Trim ends every 6 to 8 weeks

However, when I do hit the salon which I try to do every 3-4 months; then my routine switches yet again!!! Wow, why you say 3-4 months because that sounds like a very long time..
Honestly, I really have come to the revelation that your hair needs to get a break from the heat and all the stuff we do to our hair….
Especially for me now that am I transitioning from the texturizer to my natural hair.. I am trying to challenge myself to stretch out going to the salon even more.

As far as my Salon Hair Routine it doesn’t matter the salon I always request the same treatment.. Trust me when I tell you I get a bit of a fight when I don’t use my own stylist..
But, I know what my hair likes and I make sure to give her what she needs..

****Side note.. Don’t let any stylist boss you around... You know your hair more than anyone else.. And if you don’t then you should get into a personal relationship with your Hair…. This rule should go for your entire being mind, body and soul but that's a whole other subject!

Trust me when I tell you I have had to learn this lesson the hard way and once I figured this out my hair began to flourish the way you see it now…
****Note: I also only let my trusted stylist or myself trim my ends as well.. I do this for my girls as well..

My Salon routine is simple as follows:-

- Shampoo
- Condition
- Deep Condition- (sit under the dryer for 15 minutes low heat)
- Rinse
- Blow dry
-Light scalp oil
-Flat iron
-Trim if needed and it falls with my 6 to 8 week time line

Now once my hair is in the straight style...I have to switch my routine yet again!!!!... So I take a break from the Co-washing and the curly hair routine with the buns and bantu-knots. This time frame I don’t wet my hair at all (while it’s straight) for as long as I can hold out which is usually around 2 1/2 weeks.

This has been the longest I have been able to stretch the straighten look out without wetting it the hair... wheeew.. The trick is I really try listen to my hair and see what it’s asking me for..
If its feeling dry then I know it’s time to stop the heat and get back onto the curly hair style routine this has been working for me for a few years now..

My Straight Hair Routine is as follows:- (
more like maintenance)

- Comb thru daily (using a wide teeth comb)
- Light sleek and shine anti frizz serum (Fructis)
- Silk wrap every night
- Silk pillow case (for sleeping, just an extra added bonus of silkiness)
-Light scalp oil (if scalp is looking dry)
- Flat iron (if needed to smooth hair out a bit)

That is pretty much how it works for me.. It is not written in stone that we should have one routine or one way of maintaining our hair. Its hair if you’re like me you will get bored with the same old same. However, while you make the switch you have to ensure your hair is getting the love and attention is needs.

I hope this helps~
All the best and Happy Hair Growing…. Anaiyah~