Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

What the Frizz- Is this.. Pt.1

Many of us struggle with the frizzy hair. Often than not the causes behind frizzy hair could be genetics.
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Yep, it could be that simple- it's Natural.
But ok, I know you don't like that answer..
So lets get the shovel out and begin to dig deeper-

Other causes of the Frizzy's - could be climate, such as the sun, DRYNESS and air pollutants... Stress in our lives and illnesses added with not so healthy diet and waaa laa people ... Frizz
For the majority of us we invoke the Frizz Hell onto ourselves and our beautiful hair!

For you product junkies out there this one is for you- too much styling products can create dryness that will make your hair feel like the Sahara dessert.
Which leads to its best friend Mr.Frizz.
Many products contain alcohol which is can cause dryness in your hair.

Next.. for those of us still hooked into the matrix of perms, chemicals, coloring, bleaching, creamy crack and so on.. Say Hi.. to the damage you are causing your hair! Yep.. can I get a Frizz up in here..

Which leads me to my next assailant's The Appliance Junkies :) You know who you are.. Those handheld devices can be like putting a gun to our Hair/Head... Ok not so dramatic- but am making a point here...

There are some of us that think we must blow dry, flat iron, curl, press and prim our Hair daily.. This often causes over drying of your hair which you know what comes next..

As much as I love- and promote Co-washing- you have to ensure the conditioner your in love with is not oil based. Other issues associated with the Frizz monster is lack of moisture and protein.
Shampoo: can over dry hair as well creating frizz beyond your wildest dreams...

Then there is Hair like mines... that is Coarse.. this has to do with genetics like I said earlier..
But coarse hair tends to need moisture as wellGo to fullsize image as a proper pH balance. There are many products on market that offer pH balanced shampoo and conditioners- However move on the side of caution always...

Then we head on down the road too what you put in you will get out:- 
SO you can either take vitamin supplements as well as make some serious changes in your diet. 
Like drink more water, less sugary juices and eat more fruits and veggies..
Design C

I know it sounds BORING.. However..

The results may take longer to reveal themselves. But, in the long run you can you will LOVE the outcome. Main reason you are solving the problem from within! (My main suggestion)

So re-read.. this blog.. take notes on your self.. see where you are in my line up...
and stay tuned for part 2.. As we solve your Frizz Mystery together..