Friday, December 3, 2010

How low can you go!!!

Haha.. No not Luda's "How Low can you go" Ladies...

I am referring to the term Low Manipulation- Hair and Hairstyles...

No disrespect to Luda- I actually like that song..  :) 

Back to the subject at hand..
I have challenged myself- Not to add any heat to my Hair until-New's Years.
It's my Before New's Years hair challenge...

Basically, a simple co-wash and go.. trying not to over comb, brush and absolutely no heat!
This is considered low manipulation or LM.

Until then- yikes what do I do.. 
Not to stress- that's for sure.. Everything happens for a reason- 
Now, that I am 95% Chemical Free..  Bravo, bravo, bravo.... 
My hair seems to love the Oils and Co-washing- along with the Air Drying- 

This is a twist-out on damp hair
Let air dry for about an hour
then let it hang!!!
Yes, it is Atlanta and it is cold as we are headed into winter- it is about 45-55 degrees out on an average day.. aka freezing..

But, I simply wring out as much water as I can.. and sorta shake the rest of water out..

While listening to my girl- 
Like really try it.. Its super fun.. Don't hurt yourself now!! I am not responsible.. lol 

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Until then.. Happy Healthy Hair Challenge.. Anaiyah~
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