Thursday, May 19, 2011

How much Oil is too much...

So many times I have heard that too much oil is not good.
Especially for your hair and well on the skin many don't like the feeling of too much oil.

However, I have been doing my own research!!!

On my skin I use a mixture of oils from Olive Oil to Jojoba Oil.
For the skin I think they is finding an oil blend that you really love.
Sesame seed oil is really good too and it's not as heavy those of you not loving the heavy feeling.

In my hair- especially when its straight I LOVE THE OIL in my hair..
At first I was going with the pre-programmed notion of "too much oil" and not wanting my hair to be too heavy..

This was all mental- Because once I stepped off the ledge of doubt I landed on the reality that the extra oil in my hair was really helping my hair -
That dry, brittle feeling you get- especially when the hair is straighten can cause so much damage including breakage and spit ends.
Which are the some of the main causes of growth issues.

My advice:-
Find an oil blend you like or even love- even if you use it on you skin!
 Morocco Africa 
I personally like morracan oils, aragan oils and the more exotic blends.

DO NOT apply oil to your hair while straightened and then flat iron or apply heat!!! Because you will have the sizzling effect- not good...
Best uses for the oil application apply before bed (if hair is straight) then wrap as normal.
If curly best apply when hair is damp or even wet. 

Try these tips on and let us know what were your results.. 

Good Luck and Happy Hair Growing ;-) Anaiyah..