Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's Happening Now...

Can you believe 2010 is almost over! Time just flew right by it seems.. 
 What a hair journey it has been for me..
As many of you may know..and for those of you don't know..  I have decided to stop processing my hair back in 2009.. well this year was quite a challenge...
 This is a Straight Style..
Blow dry and flat ironed.

I had to get use to my own curls.. the pattern.. the texture.. 
what a roller coaster ride of emotions..
Many times.. I felt like just turning back to the chemicals- the feeling of "I can't manage my hair" kept playing in my head like a broken tune.

But, I am so happy to share with you I MADE IT..
I am almost to my goals.

I had a few hair Goals really..lined up this year..

First the fantasy.. I wanted my hair to reach my waist .. It's not quiet there yet..LOL. However, I would say by next year this time it will be..well beyond.. Mermaid dreams here I come.. 

Also, I wanted to have 100% Natural Hair.. Almost there as well. I would say 95% of my hair has grown in- leaving just the ends- with the Texturizer..

And the Biggest.. One I almost forgot- I did not want my hair to BREAK
As I had heard and read so many horror stories- Wooo weeee-- I conquered that demon as well..

So here are a few tips that worked for me..

Tips-on Transitioning-
. Protective styles are a must: Buns, braid outs, etc. Anything that will keep you from adding heat is a plus.
. Moisturising: Oil, leave-in-conditioners, hair serums and co-washing. These all help create a great mositure balance in your hair. My personal philosophy you can really never have to much moisture.
.Trimming those ends: I know Ladies the fear of the scissors and you have good reason- but its a must as well.

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Happy Healthy Hair Journey- Anaiyah~