Friday, October 15, 2010

When there's No End in Sight!!!!

I have battled with this question for many years...
I have read many articles on the subject as well asked around- How do you prevent
split ends on your hair?

How does split ends even begin? Why am I getting them in the first place? What's even more worrisome is the damage that it causes to your hair. Split ends is no banana split with hot fudge on top!

Instead its a thorn on your side that you wish would just do away..
The question remains are split ends even normal?
Are they a sign of something more dreadful going on with our hair...

From my own lab:-
(doing research on myself, days, months and years...) lol

I have come up with these simple facts..

As we examine the chart above you can identify with which type of split end you your hair.. 

While hair growth is very normal at very different rates as some of us have hair growth faster than others. This all depending on diet, rest, stress levels and our environment!

Split ends are a sign of your hair needing moisture and regular trimming as well as a sign of poor diet... Possibly the body internally and externally is not getting enough water- Water is one of the best moisturizers known to man...

You can have a severe case of split ends by which it will take many years of moisture treatments and routine hair trimmings to put an end to your split end nightmare.
So it's not one big chop will take care of it either - in those instances.. 

Personally I would say it too about three years for me to get rid of the split end delima.
The Formula:- Co-washing, locking and sealing in moisture and routine trimming the ends of the hair.

I can now say- I really don't see any split ends. Keep in mind diet as well plays a very huge factor and coming in second would be the products you use on your hair...

Check the market for non-alcohol products, sls free and so on..Reason these products would not dry out your hair!!! Leaving your hair to look beauti
ful and healthy..
You know what they say.. when your hair feels good so do you....

Oh and I'll take the banana split with nuts please :-) only in my ice-cream and not on my head...