Monday, December 20, 2010

One on One Advice.. Don't go it Alone..

2011 Healthy Hair Goals..

Ladies and Gents.. it is that time again..

End of the year and time to get your New Year Hair Goals.. down.. 
It's always god to write things down so don't delay.. 

Get the fancy paper.. and the cute pen and get to work.. 
If your a Mackie like me.. then type a way.. Yes.. I love my Mac book.. 

Make your goals simple and realistic.. 
Like shiny hair.. 
Don't get me wrong wanting waist hair locks is fine too.. 

But if your Hair is neck length then you have to be real it's not going to be at your waist by 2012. 

Here is my List:- 
1. Keep my ends trimmed and healthy
2. Add more moisture
3. Use less heat
4. Waist length hair

It's ok to dream and have long term goals- but you have to have short term goals as well. To keep you motivated as you cross them out!!! 


Friday, December 3, 2010

How low can you go!!!

Haha.. No not Luda's "How Low can you go" Ladies...

I am referring to the term Low Manipulation- Hair and Hairstyles...

No disrespect to Luda- I actually like that song..  :) 

Back to the subject at hand..
I have challenged myself- Not to add any heat to my Hair until-New's Years.
It's my Before New's Years hair challenge...

Basically, a simple co-wash and go.. trying not to over comb, brush and absolutely no heat!
This is considered low manipulation or LM.

Until then- yikes what do I do.. 
Not to stress- that's for sure.. Everything happens for a reason- 
Now, that I am 95% Chemical Free..  Bravo, bravo, bravo.... 
My hair seems to love the Oils and Co-washing- along with the Air Drying- 

This is a twist-out on damp hair
Let air dry for about an hour
then let it hang!!!
Yes, it is Atlanta and it is cold as we are headed into winter- it is about 45-55 degrees out on an average day.. aka freezing..

But, I simply wring out as much water as I can.. and sorta shake the rest of water out..

While listening to my girl- 
Like really try it.. Its super fun.. Don't hurt yourself now!! I am not responsible.. lol 

For more information on Low Manipulation- Hair and Hairstyles Tips and Advice-
Feel free to hit us up by filling out the form below..

Until then.. Happy Healthy Hair Challenge.. Anaiyah~
Be sure to Sub.. xoxo ~

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's Happening Now...

Can you believe 2010 is almost over! Time just flew right by it seems.. 
 What a hair journey it has been for me..
As many of you may know..and for those of you don't know..  I have decided to stop processing my hair back in 2009.. well this year was quite a challenge...
 This is a Straight Style..
Blow dry and flat ironed.

I had to get use to my own curls.. the pattern.. the texture.. 
what a roller coaster ride of emotions..
Many times.. I felt like just turning back to the chemicals- the feeling of "I can't manage my hair" kept playing in my head like a broken tune.

But, I am so happy to share with you I MADE IT..
I am almost to my goals.

I had a few hair Goals really..lined up this year..

First the fantasy.. I wanted my hair to reach my waist .. It's not quiet there yet..LOL. However, I would say by next year this time it will be..well beyond.. Mermaid dreams here I come.. 

Also, I wanted to have 100% Natural Hair.. Almost there as well. I would say 95% of my hair has grown in- leaving just the ends- with the Texturizer..

And the Biggest.. One I almost forgot- I did not want my hair to BREAK
As I had heard and read so many horror stories- Wooo weeee-- I conquered that demon as well..

So here are a few tips that worked for me..

Tips-on Transitioning-
. Protective styles are a must: Buns, braid outs, etc. Anything that will keep you from adding heat is a plus.
. Moisturising: Oil, leave-in-conditioners, hair serums and co-washing. These all help create a great mositure balance in your hair. My personal philosophy you can really never have to much moisture.
.Trimming those ends: I know Ladies the fear of the scissors and you have good reason- but its a must as well.

NOW SIGN UP:- For those of you who want expert help on your hair..  
Fill out the form below- and one of our Guides will guide you through the process of your Hair Journey- Don't be afraid.. make the move today..

Happy Healthy Hair Journey- Anaiyah~

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What the Frizz- Is this.. Pt.1

Many of us struggle with the frizzy hair. Often than not the causes behind frizzy hair could be genetics.
Go to fullsize image
Yep, it could be that simple- it's Natural.
But ok, I know you don't like that answer..
So lets get the shovel out and begin to dig deeper-

Other causes of the Frizzy's - could be climate, such as the sun, DRYNESS and air pollutants... Stress in our lives and illnesses added with not so healthy diet and waaa laa people ... Frizz
For the majority of us we invoke the Frizz Hell onto ourselves and our beautiful hair!

For you product junkies out there this one is for you- too much styling products can create dryness that will make your hair feel like the Sahara dessert.
Which leads to its best friend Mr.Frizz.
Many products contain alcohol which is can cause dryness in your hair.

Next.. for those of us still hooked into the matrix of perms, chemicals, coloring, bleaching, creamy crack and so on.. Say Hi.. to the damage you are causing your hair! Yep.. can I get a Frizz up in here..

Which leads me to my next assailant's The Appliance Junkies :) You know who you are.. Those handheld devices can be like putting a gun to our Hair/Head... Ok not so dramatic- but am making a point here...

There are some of us that think we must blow dry, flat iron, curl, press and prim our Hair daily.. This often causes over drying of your hair which you know what comes next..

As much as I love- and promote Co-washing- you have to ensure the conditioner your in love with is not oil based. Other issues associated with the Frizz monster is lack of moisture and protein.
Shampoo: can over dry hair as well creating frizz beyond your wildest dreams...

Then there is Hair like mines... that is Coarse.. this has to do with genetics like I said earlier..
But coarse hair tends to need moisture as wellGo to fullsize image as a proper pH balance. There are many products on market that offer pH balanced shampoo and conditioners- However move on the side of caution always...

Then we head on down the road too what you put in you will get out:- 
SO you can either take vitamin supplements as well as make some serious changes in your diet. 
Like drink more water, less sugary juices and eat more fruits and veggies..
Design C

I know it sounds BORING.. However..

The results may take longer to reveal themselves. But, in the long run you can you will LOVE the outcome. Main reason you are solving the problem from within! (My main suggestion)

So re-read.. this blog.. take notes on your self.. see where you are in my line up...
and stay tuned for part 2.. As we solve your Frizz Mystery together..

Friday, October 15, 2010

When there's No End in Sight!!!!

I have battled with this question for many years...
I have read many articles on the subject as well asked around- How do you prevent
split ends on your hair?

How does split ends even begin? Why am I getting them in the first place? What's even more worrisome is the damage that it causes to your hair. Split ends is no banana split with hot fudge on top!

Instead its a thorn on your side that you wish would just do away..
The question remains are split ends even normal?
Are they a sign of something more dreadful going on with our hair...

From my own lab:-
(doing research on myself, days, months and years...) lol

I have come up with these simple facts..

As we examine the chart above you can identify with which type of split end you your hair.. 

While hair growth is very normal at very different rates as some of us have hair growth faster than others. This all depending on diet, rest, stress levels and our environment!

Split ends are a sign of your hair needing moisture and regular trimming as well as a sign of poor diet... Possibly the body internally and externally is not getting enough water- Water is one of the best moisturizers known to man...

You can have a severe case of split ends by which it will take many years of moisture treatments and routine hair trimmings to put an end to your split end nightmare.
So it's not one big chop will take care of it either - in those instances.. 

Personally I would say it too about three years for me to get rid of the split end delima.
The Formula:- Co-washing, locking and sealing in moisture and routine trimming the ends of the hair.

I can now say- I really don't see any split ends. Keep in mind diet as well plays a very huge factor and coming in second would be the products you use on your hair...

Check the market for non-alcohol products, sls free and so on..Reason these products would not dry out your hair!!! Leaving your hair to look beauti
ful and healthy..
You know what they say.. when your hair feels good so do you....

Oh and I'll take the banana split with nuts please :-) only in my ice-cream and not on my head... 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Co-washing-- Quick Tip Update

It's so important to co-wash. It doesn't matter if your

100% Natural, Transitioning or Relaxed.

Co-washing makes your hair silky smooth without stripping your hair of

all the good oils that make your hair shine!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Prison or Freedom- Hair Heaven or Hell...

So its been almost two years and I have not had any chemicals I feel so liberated! As well as the burning desire to trim my ends.

I know I know, many say yes and others think no! But am the one that has to deal with my hair haha!!!
Ok it's not so bad, but I want to wear my hair out I feel imprisoned a bit my this transition lol; by my own Hair..

Yes am suppose to just speak of roses are red and violets are blue and my hair is perfect.. But that's not the truth..
Yes we can mentally trap ourselves. Am at the point where I want to take my processed ends and like a bad marriage walk away! Ummmm no run far far away. Lol ok but seriously it's a process.

Keep you posted! Anaiyah...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Transition 101 and my Personal update

What is Transitioning:


is the process of growing out your natural hair while your hair mainly the shaft and ends are chemically processed. The roots will be your natural hair at this point you have made a decision NOT to “touch-up” anymore.

The difference between Transitioning and Stretching:

Transitioning is not ever going back for a touch up. While Stretching is not touching up for a while but then finally adding chemicals to the “new growth”.

my Personal update & thoughts:

Where am I personally on my transition journey: February 2009 was the last time I had a texturizer touch –up. It has been a long year for me in terms of working with both textures. Trying to find a way to wear my hair so it would not affect my daily routine. Mentally and emotionally I felt like I was ready to walk away from the chemicals. However, half way through this process like in August 2009, I began to grow frustration, resentment that I ever added chemicals. I think my mind began to play games. I had to separate myself from everyone and tell myself I was going to do this.. no matter what, I was not turning back, no matter what..

I happy to say I got over that battle.. I found that having my hair blow dried, flat ironed and keeping it straight for as long as I can..really helped me..

Products I use:

I am into the Raw Oils: -

Grape-seed oil - * my favorite right now- a very light oil

Coconut oil- * Love the smell- the one I use is 100% organic-

Lavender Jamaican Black Castor Oil- Awesome scalp oil

Hair Lotion- this adds a bit of softness, especially to the natural hair..

Mental and Emotional side of things:

Personally I think this is the roughest side to growing out your natural hair. Is the thoughts that run through your mind while you’re in this process. The images we are bombarded with in the media of what Beauty is.. You begin question yourself, your ethnicity, you begin to see how "black" you really are.. lol sad but True.. You are now forced to claim your identity... not so easy..

You begin to ask.. I'm I still beautiful? Wow, how do I take care of my hair? It’s so thick..

You begin to feel frustrated, annoyed and eventually you may give up and put the chemical back onto your “new growth”. Then you get.."Edward Scissors hand" and feel like chopping off the chemically treated portion- prematurely..
Really you just want to be freed.. It's an Amazing transformation of Self..

A few tips to follow is:-

Know to your self – You are BEAUTIFUL no matter what your hair looks like..

Your hair should not DEFINE your beauty!!! Your HEART defines you're True beauty...

Going natural can very healthy for your hair.. Your scalp, your skin and your overall health.. It may be the best move you have ever make when it comes to caring for your Hair.

Get a support team-surround yourself with people and things that will “Love” your decision to go natural. Have a close friend who you can call- you will have those days when you want to give in!!!

Lastly- Be patient with yourself.. Hair grows and it takes time so try not to focus on it too much as it will frustrate you..

Questions to ask- Before Transitioning?

Before you enter into the battle field of “going natural” you must ask yourself many questions. Get out your computer, note pad etc.. and answer these questions to yourself and out loud..

Is Transitioning for me?

Am I ready?

Is this a good time for me to Transition?

Can I wear my hair in a bun for almost a year or two?

What other styles will I wear while am getting use to my “new growth”

Why do I want to Transition?

Of course you can add or take away from this list..

These were some of things I experienced and I am still dealing with.. Personally I have maybe another year.. before I go 100% natural..

Happy Healthy Hair Growing.. xoxo Anaiyah~

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Hair Goals~

So officially 2010 is here.. wow another year is here already...
For all of us who are on our Hair Journey's we have to begin to realistically figure out; what would we like to accomplish in 2010!
One important thing to keep in mind is to set goals that are realistic...

If you have neck length hair it would be stressful for you to want waist length hair by the end of the year!!!
However, you may add more protective styles, or up your co-washing, or even trim your ends more!!!
Whatever you decide still have fun with it.. and take your time..

Here are some of my 2010 Hair Goals:-
Continue with my Transitioning Process a.k.a stay Chem free/Creamy Crack free
By August/Septmeber 2010 I want my hair to be at the top of my Waist..
I also, want to cut back on the heat so I plan a Summer 2010 Heat Free Stretch~
I also want to try some braid out styles.. hmmm
I may add or take away by the middle of year.. but the basis here is I have a good start .. :D

So Ladies and Gents what are some of your Hair Goals for 2010?
Please share.. Oh and All the best Happy Healthy Hair Growing.. no matter your goals.~

Remember patience is a virtue.. so take time with your self..