Sunday, October 18, 2009

Co-washing 101.. Pt.2

The method behind the madness and this is my logic and crazy system.

I choose 3 conditioners (these can be changed up till you find the right combination) I place them in a what I call a Co-wash Order”.

I use 2 or 3 because all conditioners are not created equal~ So here is the breakdown..

Conditioner number 1:

This is the conditioner that leaves my hair really dry; it almost feels like I shampooed my hair. So cool, I use this conditioner to act as a shampoo but not as harsh and it will remove dirt and build-up in the hair.

Conditioner number 2:

This conditioner acts as a replenishing conditioner. As it restores the softness and moisture that conditioner number 1 took out.

I know you’re probably wondering why use conditioner number 1in the first place. The reason is you want to wash the dirt and build up, just not all your sebum as well and if you can get this done with minimum damage then awesome..

Conditioner number 3:

Has a nice smell and will leave my hair feeling super soft as it adds to the moisture left by conditioner number 2.

Instructions to Co-washing:-

1st wet hair really well get it nice and saturated. (to add extra softness you can use a pre-poo oil 45 minutes before co-washing)

2nd use conditioner number 1 and begin rubbing it in at the roots. Slowly and gently use the ball of your fingers as massage scalp. This removes the dirt and the build-up. Do not use nails as this may irritate the scalp! Continue and wash the shaft (the length of the hair). The rinse the conditioner thoroughly!

3rd use conditioner number 2 same process as step two; this time apply a generous amount of conditioner to the entire scalp and shaft. Use the hair clip and let it sit for 2 minutes or so.

Then use your wide teeth comb and gently comb and detangle the hair. Start at the ends and work the comb up to the roots. Rinse thoroughly!

4th use conditioner number 3; apply to the entire scalp and hair shaft. Try not to tangle the hair up, since you just spent your time detangling it. Use clip and let sit for 1-2 minutes… Comb thru again to be sure you got all the tangles out! Rinse thoroughly!

5th gently squeeze as much water out of the hair. Use a generous amount of leave-in-conditioner, applying to the scalp, hair shaft and the ends. Comb through hair one more time. Use hair clip and let sit. You’re all done!!!

Congratulations you just did your first successful Co-wash!!!

You can now whip the hair into a protective style... BAM..!!! Your'e done...

From this step you can also t-shirt dry, then blow dry and style as usual as well~~~~

Try it out and let me know how did your hair respond...

You will notice less breakage and less shedding with a week.. I did..

* Note always moisturize and lock and seal.... details next blog!