Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What is Good Hair... Reality Checka 1,2....Pt.1

So what does this mean Ladies..women of color don't think they have "good hair"..???

We have to wake up ladies.. and change that perception for our next generations...

I think this a light and funny way to bring attention to a serious issues.

Can women of color have have long beautiful hair?

Can we have healthy hair?

Like Chris says his baby girl is already thinking she does not have "good hair"

Wake up call.. Ladies..Sistas...

Personally, good hair is healthy hair. Natural, relaxed, braids, locks to me it's all about have healthy hair... Ladies I think we can truly do this.. This is my main goal to show women of color we can do this.I did it and so can you... Mama's Organics is dedicated to showing ladies how to achieve these goals...

My thoughts..Anaiyah~