Sunday, March 28, 2010

Transition 101 and my Personal update

What is Transitioning:


is the process of growing out your natural hair while your hair mainly the shaft and ends are chemically processed. The roots will be your natural hair at this point you have made a decision NOT to “touch-up” anymore.

The difference between Transitioning and Stretching:

Transitioning is not ever going back for a touch up. While Stretching is not touching up for a while but then finally adding chemicals to the “new growth”.

my Personal update & thoughts:

Where am I personally on my transition journey: February 2009 was the last time I had a texturizer touch –up. It has been a long year for me in terms of working with both textures. Trying to find a way to wear my hair so it would not affect my daily routine. Mentally and emotionally I felt like I was ready to walk away from the chemicals. However, half way through this process like in August 2009, I began to grow frustration, resentment that I ever added chemicals. I think my mind began to play games. I had to separate myself from everyone and tell myself I was going to do this.. no matter what, I was not turning back, no matter what..

I happy to say I got over that battle.. I found that having my hair blow dried, flat ironed and keeping it straight for as long as I can..really helped me..

Products I use:

I am into the Raw Oils: -

Grape-seed oil - * my favorite right now- a very light oil

Coconut oil- * Love the smell- the one I use is 100% organic-

Lavender Jamaican Black Castor Oil- Awesome scalp oil

Hair Lotion- this adds a bit of softness, especially to the natural hair..

Mental and Emotional side of things:

Personally I think this is the roughest side to growing out your natural hair. Is the thoughts that run through your mind while you’re in this process. The images we are bombarded with in the media of what Beauty is.. You begin question yourself, your ethnicity, you begin to see how "black" you really are.. lol sad but True.. You are now forced to claim your identity... not so easy..

You begin to ask.. I'm I still beautiful? Wow, how do I take care of my hair? It’s so thick..

You begin to feel frustrated, annoyed and eventually you may give up and put the chemical back onto your “new growth”. Then you get.."Edward Scissors hand" and feel like chopping off the chemically treated portion- prematurely..
Really you just want to be freed.. It's an Amazing transformation of Self..

A few tips to follow is:-

Know to your self – You are BEAUTIFUL no matter what your hair looks like..

Your hair should not DEFINE your beauty!!! Your HEART defines you're True beauty...

Going natural can very healthy for your hair.. Your scalp, your skin and your overall health.. It may be the best move you have ever make when it comes to caring for your Hair.

Get a support team-surround yourself with people and things that will “Love” your decision to go natural. Have a close friend who you can call- you will have those days when you want to give in!!!

Lastly- Be patient with yourself.. Hair grows and it takes time so try not to focus on it too much as it will frustrate you..

Questions to ask- Before Transitioning?

Before you enter into the battle field of “going natural” you must ask yourself many questions. Get out your computer, note pad etc.. and answer these questions to yourself and out loud..

Is Transitioning for me?

Am I ready?

Is this a good time for me to Transition?

Can I wear my hair in a bun for almost a year or two?

What other styles will I wear while am getting use to my “new growth”

Why do I want to Transition?

Of course you can add or take away from this list..

These were some of things I experienced and I am still dealing with.. Personally I have maybe another year.. before I go 100% natural..

Happy Healthy Hair Growing.. xoxo Anaiyah~