Thursday, October 15, 2009

What is Co-washing 101, Pt.1

I am a huge advocate when it comes to co- washing!!! It is one of my favorite hair routines. I have been using the co-washing technique for many years.

Co-washing - is simply “washing” your hair with conditioner instead of washing with shampoo.

Yes, you read that correctly! I know what you must be thinking because I thought the same thing when I started washing with conditioner during a routine hair washing.

I always felt by not using the shampoo I was cheating or skipping a step. Until I did some research and found out that there was actually a term for washing with conditioner only.

It was then I realized that I was actually doing a good thing for my hair all these years!

The Truth is washing your hair with conditioners once or twice a week is actually very good for the health and silky shine of your hair. Especially if your hair type falls into a 4 or 3 category.

The main benefit of co-washing is to lock moisture into the hair and not strip the hair of its natural sebum to often.

Sebum:- the natural oil your scalp produces

*Side Note:~

Hair types in the 4 and 3's already have a somewhat low production of this " golden sebum" and so Co-washing more than 1 a week may works wonders!!!

Shampooing strips your hair of dirt and build up which is a very good thing, since dirt and build up can clog pores, which can lead so very slow growth.

The challenge is that many shampoos are not ph balanced very well and contain evil sulfates that dry up your hair by stripping too much of the sebum.

Through trial and error I came to this realization and I choose to co-wash my lovely locks 5 times a week. (This works fantastic for my hair type am a 3c)

I love the super softness I get from this technique versus shampooing. ..

Many times people ask me how I get my hair to grow so long and so fast!!!

Well part of my secret is that I listen to my hair….

I know, I know this sounds crazy.. but it's not.. .. As a matter of fact it is crucial to get healthy hair..

I try to hear what it is asking me for… it’s like talking your dog, your plant, yourself

( yes I know you do :-) )

My hair tells me when it’s dry, when it needs a trim, when it wants to be straight and so on…

*Note if the hair feels mushy and limp then discontinue the co-washing. Revaluate your hair routine. * Listen and see what your hair is asking for....

Tools you need to conduct an Awesome Co-wash:-

- Get 2-3 of your favorite conditioners

- Wide teeth comb

- Hair thingy (clip)

- Leave-in-conditioner

Look out for Part 2 on the instructions to Co-wash…..