Thursday, October 22, 2009

Co-washing 101.. Pt.3 Final~

So as I close my week long discussion on the importance on Co-washing..

I do hope everyone was able to get a few more tips to help you along your Hair Journey...

The simple Truth is I have noticed a huge difference when my hair is washed with conditioners versus shampoos very often…

So to close out here are some instructions to Co-washing:-

Instructions to Co-washing:-

1st wet hair really well get it nice and saturated. (to add extra softness you can use a pre-poo oil 45 minutes before co-washing)

2nd use conditioner number 1 and begin rubbing it in at the roots. Slowly and gently use the ball of your fingers as massage scalp. This removes the dirt and the build-up. Do not use nails as this may irritate the scalp! Continue and wash the shaft (the length of the hair). The rinse the conditioner thoroughly!

3rd use conditioner number 2 same process as step two; this time apply a generous amount of conditioner to the entire scalp and shaft. Use the hair clip and let it sit for 2 minutes or so.

Then use your wide teeth comb and gently comb and detangle the hair. Start at the ends and work the comb up to the roots. Rinse thoroughly!

4th use conditioner number 3; apply to the entire scalp and hair shaft. Try not to tangle the hair up, since you just spent your time detangling it. Use clip and let sit for 1-2 minutes… Comb thru again to be sure you got all the tangles out! Rinse thoroughly!

5th gently squeeze as much water out of the hair. Use a generous amount of leave-in-conditioner, applying to the scalp, hair shaft and the ends. Comb through hair one more time. Use hair clip and let sit. You’re all done!!!

Congratulations you just did your first successful Co-wash!!!

You can now whip the hair into a protective style... BAM..!!!

Leave comments and let us know how did you like your results..

Questions to ask your self and your hair:-

How does your hair feel?

How about the next day, how does your hair feel when it dries?

*Look out for my instructional video on Co-washing 101. - posted shortly*

Peace and Love