Friday, October 9, 2009

Just My Thoughts Pt. 3

Nappy, natural, kinky short, long, healthy hair is ABSOLUTELY matter the texture, length or color...

If you are wondering if the Big Chop is right for you do some research first.
Look at other women with the Big Chop style, as they will offer you a level of self-confidence.

Ask yourself this, do I have the strength to be myself?

Do I have Love myself enough to look in the mirror and Love my Kinky curls?

Oh wait don't assume I am talking just for the sake of sake of saying this..

I did the Big Chop and let me tell you it was one of the most FREEING experiences I ever felt.

I had long dread locks down to the middle of my back!!!
Yes, it was a shock to many of my friends, family, co-workers.

Did I lose friends YES, did I have crazy stares YES, and did I care NO!!!
Did I wonder how people were going to accept me or reject me.. Yes I did..

I did not let that stop me from remembering ..that I was Beautiful no matter what ..

I gave myself positive Affirmations!!!

Let me share a few of my affirmations in hopes that they can help you as they did for me..when I did my Big Chop..

When I look in the mirror I see beauty.
I know who I am ..

I am in Love with my curls, I love the way they bounce back
They stand at attention on the top of my head...Just like a CROWN

I am so much more than my hair
My hair does not define the powerful being that my God has created me to be...
However, I am forever grateful...

I can use my hair to enhance my beauty in whichever way I choose.
Because I AM BEAUTIFUL!!!!

My thoughts Anaiyah~


  1. Beatiful and well said!! I wish more natural and non-natural haired ladies had your mindset.. I hope you don't mind, but I reposted this to the forums at

  2. I did the big chop years ago and got locs. I actually had locs in my hair for three years. It took 3 weeks to take them out and now I have natural hair that is bra length when stretched. I plan to stay natural but it is more natural hair than I have ever had in my life. I want it to grow longer and I need to learn how to take care of it.